difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org:

I’ve gotten enough questions about this recently that I thought I’d just copy and paste some of my responses via email into a post and structure it a bit easier on the eyes!

Of course, I have chosen to use WordPress exclusively as my blogging platform of choice and I hope you do too!

But I know it’s not for everyone! If you’re interested in investigating some other blogging options, you’ll want to take a look at this very comprehensive showcase. Of course, if you’re still trying to figure out if blogging is right for you, check out this post!

Here are 10 points of comparison as it relates to the difference between WordPress.com and WordPress.org:

Click for larger view! Stats may vary based on today's numbers!
Click for larger view! Stats may vary based on today’s numbers!

Am I missing anything that you would include here of note? Hope that helps!

Oh, and by the way, just in case you didn’t know… WordPress.org is a self-hosted solution meaning that you pay for your own server and hosting solution. Here’s a good post on how to decide whether self-hosted is right for you!


Author: Yogesh P. Bhadja

The internet is a pissing ground for assholes! They’re more commonly called jerks and I also call them INTERNET JERK GANGS. Everyone has an opinion (including me) about everything under the sun and I think we have a right to express it without being dumb unless we’re clearly asking for it. If I don’t agree with what I take a moment to decide whether or not I want to get involved in it or not for the scene that may going around. Whenever I do express my opinion I try my best to do it respectively and without fucking anyone off…on purpose. But, there is bound of my inside me to be the person that feels the need to put me in my place by responding with a superior tone.

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