Blogging is Not About Dhoom (speed), It’s a Marathon and Not a Sprint

Rest in the fact that there’s only so much that you can do to grow your blog and that history has proven herself over and over that a growth of your blog is one of of consistency and steadiness and not one of speed.

There’s honestly not really anything to rush either! It’s about steadiness, consistency, and not speed. It’s about a marathon race and not a sprint.

One of the lies that I buy into at times if feeling the pressure of others writing about something first or covering that particular piece of content better than me, or feeling like my competition is growing faster than I can with my limited amount of time, resources, and bandwidth.

Here’s the truth about that…

The fact is that someone is covering it before you, they are writing it better than you, and they are most likely growing faster than you can, for a variety of different reasons.

It’s a long distance game.

Does this mean you give up? Nope! It means you find alternative and more long-lasting motivations for writing than the ones that the world and the marketplace present to you.

You decide that blogging is an opportunity for you to ____________ so that you can do ______________ because you want to and not because _______________ does it better than you or whatever else goes in the blanks.

So be encouraged!

I’ve got so much energy behind this blog but I realize that I can only commit to at least 1 post a day. Is that disagreeable to my natural tendencies? Absolutely. Does it make me upset that I can’t’ do more? Absolutely. Does it mean that I give up? Absolutely not!


Author: Yogesh P. Bhadja

The internet is a pissing ground for assholes! They’re more commonly called jerks and I also call them INTERNET JERK GANGS. Everyone has an opinion (including me) about everything under the sun and I think we have a right to express it without being dumb unless we’re clearly asking for it. If I don’t agree with what I take a moment to decide whether or not I want to get involved in it or not for the scene that may going around. Whenever I do express my opinion I try my best to do it respectively and without fucking anyone off…on purpose. But, there is bound of my inside me to be the person that feels the need to put me in my place by responding with a superior tone.

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